The historic town of Paarl in the Western Cape is a well-known tourist destination in South Africa. Known for some of the best wine, restaurants, historical sites and the location of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 to name a few.

Over the last three years Paarl has also started to grow in popularity as an adventure destination. With hiking and canoeing to name a few of the great outdoor activities on offer in the region. The development of a network of trails for trail running and mountain biking are the biggest drawcards of this amazing adventure destination.

The Paarl Adventure Trail Network consists of close to 200km of custom-built trails in the area. The variety is unequalled with virtually every imaginable type of terrain and discipline. XCO, Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Touring and Adventure are all on offer within the network. Add to this a long list of great venues and attractions on the routes and Paarl is a must visit for any adventurer.

With the perfect mix of trails, great attractions and venues, Paarl provides the perfect recipe for the return of the Paarl Mountain Bike Challenge.
The Paarl Mountain Bike Challenge will showcase the very best of Paarl on a bike. Sublime trails, amazing features, great views and some of the best off-bike experiences. After all, who does not love to have fun in a vibey, upbeat race villages boasting lots of entertainment, stacks of fun activities and a range of artisan culinary delights.Whether you are up for tough racing, family adventures or a great day out with mates, we have made sure this event will not disappoint.

Mid-February is the perfect time to present this event. For the professionals and hardcore racers it is the perfect opportunity to hone those skills and racing focus just before big events like the Cycle Tour and Cape Epic.
For the adventurous weekend warriors and newbies we have focused hard to make every distance something really special for all entrants. This is not an event where the big distances get all the good stuff and the shorter distances are just slapped together. Each distance has been meticulously planned to ensure the best possible experience for every rider. The riding terrain around Paarl Mountain is truly something special and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

• 10km Fun Rider – R150
• 20km Weekend Warrior – R200
• 40km Adventurer – R300
• 80km Hard Rock – R400
• 40km E-Bike Adventure – R350
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Paarl is known for its hospitality and this is what each competitor and supporter will experience when visiting. The waterpoints, filled with great eats and drinks from locals will provide true farm style hospitality. The support along the route is also something special as many of the farms will be harvesting and riders can experience the joyous atmosphere of the farms’ harvesting activities.

Off the bike, a world filled with great food, amazing drinks, entertainment options and activities await all competitors and supporters. Whether you are coming out for the day with mates or bringing the entire family along for a day of adventure – Paarl has a long list of great supporter points along the route that you will be able to cheer your rider on and have a great time doing it .

The Paarl and Hero Adventure Trail Project has developed one of the most extensive trail networks in Paarl that focuses on true enjoyment of the outdoors and community development. Tourism, sport development and job creation are the focus of this project, through the development of 200km of trails for cycling, running and hiking. This project not only provides a great escape and adventure for locals and visitors on a daily basis, but supports no less than three sport development programs, running a skills development program that is creating jobs for the local community and providing a marketing platform for local venues and attractions .

Although attracting visitors regularly to the network is the focus, events are not only a passion but a way to assist with the funding of these great projects. All the profits of this event will go directly to the Hero and Paarl Adventure Trail Project to assist with the development, growth and maintenance of these projects.

What better reason to enter an event than knowing your support has directly benefitted the very project and community that makes the event possible to enjoy.

If you are coming out for the weekend. Paarl has a host of great guest Houses and accommodation options to suit all tastes. Visit www.paarlonline.com for a list of accommodation and activity options.

Visit www.paarladventuretrails.co.za or contact info@hero-adventure.co.za or +27 (0) 76 022 5141 / +27 (0) 83 384 2976 for more information.