Babylonstoren Workshops in May

Babylonstoren holds regular workshops as they see it as an ideal opportunity to share what they’ve learned – not only about their garden but about gardening in general. They also regularly invite guests who are experts in their fields to host these workshops in collaboration with their gardening team. Their workshops tend to be small, with no more than 20 people per group. They’re also quite hands-on so you will get to try out the skills, technique or discipline that they’re learning about.

Babylonstoren_Fermentation Secrets – 2 May 2018  – 10:00-16:00

Become part of the fermentation revival – come sharpen up your fermentation skills and learn new tricks. The phenomenal health benefits of fermented fruit and vegetables have brought new life to the world of fermentation.

Find out about all the secret ingredients while fermentation guru, Theresa Sabo, shares the history of this traditional method of preserving food. The principles of fermentation and the tools used across the globe for many centuries is key to getting it just right! With a combination of hands-on activities and demonstrations, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to prepare fruit and vegetables for fermentation.

Join us for an Italian-inspired lunch in the Bakery where you’ll also get the chance to taste some fermented food – included in the price. For hotel guests, the workshop is included in your stay.

Babylonstoren – Distilling Workshop  – 9 May 2018   – 10:00-16:00

Join us for a hands-on day of learning about distillation. Distillation guru, Andries van der Walt, will talk you through the whole process of distilling grapes and other fruits. It will cover fermentation, equipment, distillation and also a bit of blending and tasting.

Learn how to light up two different kettles – one with a wood fire and one with gas – for a first and second distillation, and get tips on how to keep track of temperatures, measure alcohol and all the other technical bits.

Lunch will be served in the Tasting Room and is included in the price. For hotel guests, the workshop is included in your stay.

Babylonstoren- Teas & Tisanes – 16 May 2018 – 10:00-16:00

Join our gardener Gundula to learn more about herbal teas and other refreshing drinks made from fresh herbs and seasonal flowers.

The day will start with gathering herbs from the garden while snippets of wisdom are shared. Constance demonstrates how to make her grandmother’s immune-boosting tea while Gundula concocts tantalising teas and tisanes to suit any taste, at any time and to ease a range of ailments.

After lunch, we get practical with demonstrations on how to make insecticidal teas for use in the garden. Gundula will also explain the benefits of using worm tea on your plants. Together we will make cuttings of some essential herbs which you can grow at home. At the end of the day, a toast of kombucha will give you the energy to sprint back home, endorsed with the knowledge and culture to make your own effervescent health drinks.

Indulge in a refreshing lunch in our Healing Garden – included in the price. For hotel guests, the workshop is included in your stay.

Babylonstoren – Natural pest control – 30 May 2018 – 10:00-16:00

Throw out the pesticides! Make use of predatory birds, insects, spiders and other garden animals to restore the natural balance in your garden. This can be achieved by companion planting, installing owl and bat boxes, and also by creating a safe haven for reptiles and frogs.

We will help you plan a well-balanced garden that encourages local indigenous animals, increases biodiversity and restores the natural order, thereby freeing you from using chemicals. You can also have a well-balanced, crystal-clear pond without being carried away by mosquitos.

Lunch will be served at the Greenhouse Restaurant and is included in the price. For hotel guests, the workshop is included in your stay.