Val de Vie Estate was awarded the best multigenerational resort in the World in 2018 at The Globals ceremony in London on 8 November 2018.

CEO and Founder of Val de Vie Estate, Martin Venter, commented: “After just over ten years Val de Vie Estate has now matured and the award as the top multigenerational estate in the world is testament to that. It was always my vision to create a place for families to spend their most precious time. There is a richness in a community where multiple generations live together, adding value to each other’s lives.”

Val de Vie Evergreen launched in 2017 and the inclusion of this development in the greater Val de Vie Estate has created an unrivalled lifestyle offering due to its diverse property portfolio, ranging from hotel rooms to small farms, and wide range of outdoor and recreational facilities on an estate with the reputation as the safest in Africa.

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