Spring into action

Spring is here and the great outdoors is beckoning. It is time to head out on the road less traveled and appreciate our picturesque town, Wellington’s, natural beauty and authentic country living.

Get ready for summer, head outdoors and appreciate our nature!


Paarl Parkrun

The 5km Paarl parkrun takes place every Saturday at 8am at Paarl Arboretum.

It costs nothing and running is done for your own enjoyment.



Paarl Nature Reserve

Paarl Mountain was declared a National Monument in 1963 and in 1977 it was also declared a Nature Reserve.                                                                                                                                      

Paarl’s history has been formed by a complex set of circumstances and started with the nomadic tribes that used to frequently visit the valley, searching for grazing land for their cattle and sheep. These nomads already saw the unique rock formation, which served as a landmark to them.

At that stage the Mountain was known as “Skilpad” Mountain (Tortoise Mountain). It was only after the arrival of Abraham Gabemma in 1957 in the Berg River Valley, that it was discovered that the huge granite rocks (2rd largest outcrops in the world) glisten in the sunlight after a shower and the area was called ‘Peerlbergh’ or Paarl Mountain.

There’s a variety of things to do at the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve.

On the way to the Nature Reserve, you’ll find the historic Afrikaans Language Monument. This monument offers a tranquil beauty of the Drakenstein valley and a variety of events and entertainment happens at the monument. There’s also a coffee shop, where you can just unwind and enjoy refreshments.

At the Mountain Nature Reserve, there’s also a variety of “braai” facilities available for day visitors. “The Meulwater”, “Krismis Camp” and “Oukraal”.

There are a variety of hiking trails available at the Nature Reserve as well as biking trails. Visitors can enjoy a nice picnic as picnic amenities are constructed next to the beautiful flower garden where numerous species of Proteas may be viewed.

Visitors are also encouraged to climb the Bretagne Rock or catch a bass at Nantes dam, or simply enjoy the panoramic views of the Drakenstein valley and the Waterfall surroundings.



The Alpaca Loom and Weaving Studio

Visiting The Alpaca Loom and Weaving Studio in Paarl is truly an unique experience. Meet the adorable resident alpaca herd including the youngest crias (babies) and engage with these furry friendly animals.

You can shop for exquisite handmade alpaca products and watch the weavers handcraft alpaca wool into products likes scarves, shawls, blankets and rugs.